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    Make a Right Choice!! Take Your Career in Digital Marketing to New Heights with Digital Brainy Academy. An agency-based academy that offers the Best Digital Marketing Course & Training Institute in Patna.

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    Make a Career in Digital Marketing

    Don't Wait for Government jobs!! Master Your Expertise in Digital skills and Boost your Career with our Best Digital Marketing Course & Training Institute in Patna.

    Make a Career in Digital Marketing
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    From Noob To Expert

    Become an Expert in the Digital Skills!! Whether you are a Student or a Professional, let's make Yourself Future-ready with our comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses & Training Institutes in Patna and Learn the Most Demanding Digital Skills.

    From Noob To Expert

    Digital Marketing Course in Patna

    Digital Brainy Academy is a well-reputed Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Patna that provides custom-tailored courses with 100% job placement. We are a team of expert Digital Marketers who constantly strive to bring their expertise in classroom to empower individuals and businesses with knowledge & skills. Our Digital Marketing training equips you with the Digital Skills needed to survive in this new Digital Era.

    We provide one of the best Digital Marketing Course in Patna to reshape your future towards a digital tomorrow. The practical sessions & live classes during our Digital Marketing Training will help our trainees to understand the various types of marketing strategies and different channels of digital marketing in today’s world. The trainers at Digital Brainy Academy have themselves industry experience for more than 6+ years in digital marketing field.

    Our Digital Marketing Course

    Best Digital Marketing Course in Patna

    Worried about your career? Learn demanding digital skills from an institute that provides the best Digital Marketing Course in Patna. In the current landscape of the business world, Digital Marketing is the backbone of every business. Since the demand for digital marketing keeps rising by businesses digital marketers are also in demand for higher than ever.

    In the heart of Bihar, Patna stands out as a leading hub for education. To empower students & make them self-dependents for a digital tomorrow. Digital Brainy Academy brings out an Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing Courses. By presenting these courses, we focus on developing all those essential skills in our students that prepare them for this digital era and help them become skilled digital marketers.

    Why are we leading Digital Marketing Institute in Patna?

    Comprehensive Digital Marketing Training in Patna

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    Why should you learn Digital Marketing Course from Industry Experts?

    All the trainers of Digital Brainy Academy are themselves professional industry experts who are currently working in the Digital Marketing Field. The reason you should learn these Digital Marketing Courses from professionals is that they not only studied theoretical knowledge but have implemented all the practical strategies and experienced what is working best at the current time.

    An industry expert brings an abundance of real-world insights & experience with them to the classroom. Their years of expertise and journey in the digital marketing field provide valuable insights & trends in the industry. By learning from a professional who has already overcome various challenges you can gain a lot of practical understanding of what is working & what’s not in this digital world.

    Let’s take an example that you want to learn Search engine Optimization(SEO). Now you have two options to choose for your SEO training, in the first option, you will get trained by professional industry experts those who are also running a Digital Marketing Agency & the second option is you will get some parrot teaching training without any live projects and expertise. Definitely, you will choose the first option for your SEO training because once you get trained by a professional expert on live projects you will get the confidence that will further boost your career & also help you understand all aspects of Digital Marketing. Digital Brainy Academy launches advanced SEO Training in Patna to help you reach your career goals.

    As an agency-based Digital Marketing Training Institute, our Digital Marketing Courses come with various networking opportunities. We have partnered with numerous companies and our students get the benefit of that that will them to connect with industry leaders and a chance for job placement.

    Our Digital Marketing Course training includes various aspects & modules of digital marketing that will help potential job-seekers and future entrepreneurs boost their careers & businesses. In our Digital Marketing Training, we will train you for your dream job as a Digital marketer, SEO executive & Social media manager, etc. Join our In-classroom Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Patna & make a smart move towards a digital tomorrow. Digital Brainy Academy is a leading agency-based Digital marketing Course training institute that offers both online & offline SEO training courses in Patna.

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    What You’ll Learn

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    • Facebook Ads Campaign Creation
    • Facebook Creative & Strategy
    • Facebook Pixel and Events
    • Other Social Ads
    • Keyword Research and Theming
    • Paid Search Campaign
    • Budget Planning
    • Google Ads Audiences
    • Product Marketing 101
    • Effective Value Communication
    • Budget Allocation and Reallocation
    • Optimizing Channels, Metrics, and Budget
    • Learn Google Analytics Reporting
    • How to work with UTM Tags
    • Building a Google Data Studio Report
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Digital PR & Data-Driven
    • Content Ideation & Production
    • Content Distribution & Evaluation
    • Other Social Production
    • Online Marketing Funnel
    • CAC, CLTV and Customer
    • Budget Allocation and Reallocation
    • Optimizing Channels, Metrics, and Budget
    • Keyword and Competitor Research
    • SEO On-Page Content & Technical
    • SEO Off-Page
    • SEO Measurement
    • Lifecycle & Customer Journey
    • Automation Marketing for Retention
    • RFM Framework
    • CRM Metrics & Data

    Transform Your Career with Digital Brainy Academy

    (A Prominent Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Patna)

    We will uplift your career with specialized Course Curriculum of our comprehensive Digital Marketing Course in Patna, which will further unlock numerous amount of career opportunities for a better tomorrow.

    • Industry expert trainers
    • In Class Live-Projects
    • Practical Paid SEO Tools
    • Learn from the Best
    • Practice of Latest Marketing trends



    Why Digital Marketing Course is a Demanding Subject?

    • Wide-range of Career Oppurtunities
    • E-commerce Boom
    • High-earning potential
    • AI & Digitalization
    • Market size will be 76000 Crores by 2025

    Tuition Fee



    $ 350 / Month
    • Includes: Digicours Course
    • Duration: 3 Months
    • Meet Your Coach
    • Branding Materials



    $ 447 / Month
    • Includes: Digicours Course
    • Duration: 6 Months
    • Meet Your Coach
    • Branding Materials



    $ 510 / Month
    • Includes: Digicours Course
    • Duration: 6 Months
    • Meet Your Coach
    • Branding Materials

    Flexible Financing Options

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    Who should attend Our digital marketing training

    Ready to Make your career in Digital Marketing?

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Emily Blunt

    Business Woman

    I took Local SEO service from Updac and it really helped my business perform well in the Google. The good thing is they also provide SEO Training in Patna.

    They totally understood my brand and their campaigns have made a huge difference. I am so glad they started to offer their expertise with Best Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Patna.

    Elite Travels Travel Agency
    Aditya Singh


    Thanks Updac and their team you guys are best  and I also like you recommend to students who are looking for Digital Marketing Institute in Patna.

    Best Digital Marketing agency in Patna . I took services Facebook ads and SEO they are expert in these fields.

    Ben Hardy Product Designer
    Daisy Ridley

    Senior Consultant

    Best digital marketing company & Expert in SEO services and also Master in Facebook ads campaign and PPC.

    Top SEO company that I trust and I can recommend to take services specially local SEO/Google business. They are now offering the best Digital marketing Course in Patna.

    Bill Milner Senior Consultant

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out these frequently asked question by our students for a better understanding.

    In current times businesses understand the power of digitalization & digital skills and that's why it is the most demanded & relevant skill of today.

    We cover from basic to complete advanced level of Digital Marketing, where you will be get trained on live-projects.

    We offer great discounts on 100% Up front payment but we have also scholarship & deffered payment options for financially weak students.

    We have numerous of connections with companies and agencies and since we offer 100% placement assistance you will be get placed into one of those company suits best for you.

    Yes definitely, you don't have to quit your job or something. You can easily attend the class online from the ease of your home or office.

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