Video Editing Course

Video Editing

Video Editing is the art of rearranging various raw footage and audio elements to create clear, concise, and appealing video messages. It consists of performing various tasks on raw video clips, including trimming, cutting, audio adjustments, camera angle adjustments & many more for an engaging video story. In our Video editing Course, 

If we look at the scenario of film production then video editing is a very crucial stage in post-production where raw video footage gets assembled and analyzed to make an entertaining final video product.

In short, if we would like to summarise video editing in simpler words then it is a profound composition of art & creativity by which a video editor can define and appeal to the audience with their visual medium of storytelling.


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Why choose a career in Video Editing ?

Demand for a career in video editing is constantly growing because of its evolving nature. Since it also allows you for freelancing opportunities, Video Editing has become a very trendy topic in this digital era.

Whether it is Filmmaking, Adsmaking, or Content Creation in every scenario where you have to convey your message through a video story, you have to make sure that your video describes your message and is engaging.

A Professional video editor is a person who makes thousands of customization to raw video footage until it becomes a final product that is both creative and also describes your message to the audience.

In the film industry and commercial advertising, video editors are always in demand due to their skills in displaying video messages and creating the right impact on the audience. Video editing is a field of constant growth and learning and everyone should definitely learn this skill to elevate their career.

Video Editing Course

Video Editing Courses by Digital Brainy Academy


Certification in Video Editing

  • Includes: Digital Brainy Course
  • Duration: 3 Months or 6 Months
  • 45 Modules
  • Live Projects
  • Internship
  • Placement Assistance


Professional Course in Video Editing

  • Includes: Digital Brainy Course
  • Duration: 8 Months
  • 60+ Modules
  • Live Projects
  • Paid Internship
  • Placement Assistance

Who is it for ?

Anyone with a desire to succeed can join our Video Editing Course

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